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Temperature control System – HTCP

Temperature control device for freezer cold room doors heating elements


This innovative control system was born from the need to optimize energy savings in doors and cold storage. With the HTCP system, when the temperature of the door heating elements reaches an optimum temperature, the device detects it by deactivating the heating element and activating it again when the temperature decreases.


But the most important thing about this pioneering and innovative system designed by Infraca in 2018, is that it allows the cost of the refrigerated door to be amortized on average in just one year.


Our HTCP system is specially designed to control the temperature of the heating elements in freezer doors.


As a result of the savings that we can achieve thanks to this device, between 30% and 50% of the energy resources consumed by the cold door, the carbon footprint of the installation is reduced.

In addition to providing great energy optimization and savings, it also has other important advantages about its installation and long-term durability:


-It is Integrated into the door frame.

-Fully adjustable initial setting.

Anti-failure mode.

-Easy maintenance.

HTCP has a temperature regulation system with hysteresis which is responsible for controlling the different states of the energy signal according to the external variables it receives.


In addition, it also controls its own operation since, in case of failure, it switches to full connection mode ensuring its correct operation at all times.


It should also be noted that it avoids the production of a possible fire caused by heat accumulation in the resistors, this risk disappears with the control provided by the HTCP.

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