Service Hinged Door


Service Hinged Door, is a very practical and multifunctional type of door.  It is mainly used in corridors and offices in order to divide work or service areas.


It is a very useful and reliable type of door that can be adapted to any industrial environment (building site, panel or screen).


Possibility of one leaf or two leaves with industrial frame according to the requirement.


Service Hinged Door has optional features that allow for customization, as well as finishes that help reinforce its hygienic quality such as steel plate with a sanitary finish and the option of including antibacterial handles


Service hinged door advantages:

  • -40mm thick doors individually injected with foam.
  • -Infraca frame-counter frame system.
  • -Stainless steel fittings.
  • -Wide range of finishes (CB, PVC, SS, PP, etc.)
  • -Preinstalled doors (easy and very fast installation).


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