Sliding cold room door 002


Commercial Sliding Door 002 is a cold room door for cold storage rooms (+0ºC) and freezing (-20ºC). It has a hermetic closing system and is a light and versatile door.


Its installation is perfect for any type of cold room located in production plants, food stores, supermarkets, restaurants or hotels.


Commercial Sliding Cold Room Door 002 has optional features that allow the door to be personalized and corporatized. It also has automation systems to facilitate its opening without contact or finishes that help reinforce its hygienic quality such as steel plate with a sanitary finish.



Sliding Cold room door 002 advantages:

-Guide cover included.

-New guide system with greater precision for regulation.Symmetrical guide system.

-New lower guide without visible screws

-Pre-mounted doors.

-High flexibility co-extruded EDPM weather strip.

-Four-point precision adjustment.

-Available in stainless steel and anodised aluminium.

-Easy access to guide during installation / adjustment/ repair.

-Low wear of mechanical elements.

-Light and versatile door.

-Self-supporting frame.

-Quick, easy and intuitive installation (cost saving)

-High degree of sealing, insulation, and ease of adjustment to installation position.

-Ease of adjustment (fast and efficient installation).

-Corrosion resistance and reliability in aggressive environments (depending on finish).

-Ease of maintenance.

-Does not require any auxiliary structure (saving time and costs).


Download the technical sheet for more information, dimensions and characteristics


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