Research | Innovation | Development

The R + D + i department is responsible for the continuous improvement and optimization of the production system, working on new processes and products to adapt to the new needs of customers and be a leading reference.


Proof of this is the exclusive INFRACA frame in extruded L-shaped aluminum, easily adaptable and more resistant; the IF closing system for industrial sliding doors in stainless steel and aluminum, and other proprietary components.


In this way, INFRACA is committed to a differentiation strategy in order to offer our customers a quality, exclusive and personalized product.


INFRACA has a management system for strategic initiatives, a project valued very positively due to its innovative nature, receiving subsidies for its development. This system is managed through a multidisciplinary R & D Committee. In this way Infraca reinforces its innovative character, not only in product as it has been usual, but also in its management systems, creating positive synergies and establishing itself as one of the most innovative companies in its sector, translating this into high levels of competitiveness.

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