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Ce marking: reliability and product warranty

CE marking is the process by which the manufacturer / importer informs users and competent authorities that the equipment marketed complies with the mandatory legislation on essential requirements. When a product is covered by several Directives that provide for the placement of the “CE” marking, it will indicate that the product complies with the applicable provisions of all those Directives applicable to it. However, in case one or several authorize the manufacturer to choose, during a transitory period, to apply them or not (in which case they must comply with the national legislation that is in force), the “CE” mark will only refer to the conformity with the provisions of those Directives that have been applied, and should be indicated in the documents established by the conformity assessment procedures only the references of such Directives.


Marking of conformity

  • The conformity marking is composed of the initials “CE” designed in the following way:
  • Proportions must be maintained, with a minimum vertical dimension of 5 mm.
  • It must be placed on the product or its descriptive plate. When it is not possible, it should be fixed to the packaging if there is one and in the documents that accompany it, if the Directive requires it.
  • Will be placed in a visible, legible and indelible.
  • It must be followed by the identification number (s) of the Notified Body (s) involved in your case.
  • It is the only marking that indicates that the product complies with the Application Directives.
  • It must be placed at the end of the production control phase.
  • It will be set by the manufacturer or his authorized representative within the European Union. Exceptionally, when the Directive permits, the person responsible for placing the product on the market in the European Union may fix it.
  • It is prohibited to place signs that can be confused with the “CE” marking, both in meaning and in form. A product may carry other marks or stamps, provided that they are not confused with the “CE” marking and that they do not reduce the readability and visibility of the latter. Manufacturers that have marks likely to be confused with the “CE” marking are authorized to own their trademark for 10 years after the adoption of the regulation if these trademarks have been registered before 06/30/89 and are currently in service.

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