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3 maintenance tasks that any user can do by himself, for a rapid fold-up door

It is important to keep our stackable doors in good condition so that their operability is not diminished by damaged parts or with any mismatch. It is considered prudent that within a period of 6 months after the door has been installed an inspection of the most vital points of the door is made, the inspection time will depend on the use and operation of each door.

Below is a list of inspections and maintenance tasks that any user can perform on their own.
For advanced maintenance tasks, which are all those that are not included in the list, you should contact the installer or qualified technical personnel.

Inspection of the guides

1. Check that the guides are not damaged and that there are no elements outside the door inside.
2. Check that there are no loose screws, tighten them if necessary
3. If you check for any type of damage, contact the installer.

Inspection of canvas and tapes

1. Check that the canvas has no perforations or any other type of damage and that it runs smoothly inside the guides.
2. Check that the junction box located on the canvas is firmly fixed and has no damage.
3. Check that the tapes are not frayed or cut
4. If you notice any type of damage to these items, contact the installer.

dintel inspection

1. Check that it is not damaged and that there are no loose screws in the lintel or in the motor.
2. If you notice that some type of screw is loose or there is any damage to these elements, contact the installer.

Do you need advanced maintenance? Register on our website and get a downloadable advanced maintenance guide.

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