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All about the NEW IF10VF6 Control Panel

Today we talk with Daniele, our International Technical Manager. He’s going to tell us about the new design of the IF10VF6 Control Panel.

What is the purpose of this control system?

Some upgrades have been implemented in this control panel for different industrial doors, such as high-speed, sliding or sectional doors, in order to be able to adapt in the best possible way to the customer’s requirements.

What are the additional benefits of this new design?

One of the main advantages that have been integrated in this control panel is the incorporation of modular connectors, which allow the user to carry out a simplified installation and maintenance.


In addition, this system will allow us to access its programming without the need to open the protective cover, which minimises the possibility of electronic failures, especially in installations subject to humidity and water.


The 24V outputs have also been increased to optimise the connection of auxiliary door components.

Why is this new design more secure and safer?

The incorporation of integrated electronic components, which are more suitable and of the highest quality, have made the difference in this new control panel design to reduce possible assembly faults.


In addition, this will allow us to guarantee the continued operation of the door, even in installations with instability in the network, or with voltage peaks and dips.

What are the extra benefits of incorporating this new control panel in the doors?

With this new design of the IF10VF frame, the stress to which the mechanical components are subjected (bearings, axles, electro-brakes, weatherstrips, tarpaulins, etc.) is greatly reduced, thanks to the speed regulation of these components.


In short, the most important benefit of these innovations is that they will guarantee a longer life for the door.

Can this panel be adjusted to the needs of each customer with its programming?

This new panel design is the result of extensive experience in different industrial environments. It is specially designed to meet all user requirements.


Compared to the previous versions, more parameters and programming options have been introduced, but always keeping in mind that the interface is simple and intuitive to ensure that the different adjustments that the installer needs to make are easy.

What new possibilities does the use of this new device give us?

Among the different possibilities offered by the new design of the IF10VF panel, the partial opening functionality has also been implemented, which is very useful, especially in the case of cold rooms or large doors, because it allows the selection of various opening levels for the passage of both machinery and people.

Also the new digital outputs allow the interconnection of the doors with automated systems or PLC, without the need to use an auxiliary device, and also an automatic programming has been added for the sliding doors, which can be adjusted according to the requirements of the project, to fulfil the desired functions.

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