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The cold chain, a key element in food safety.

“The loss of the optimum temperature of refrigeration or freezing in any of the stages impairs the safety and quality of the food”

Maintaining the cold chain is essential when guaranteeing the food safety of food, so all the links involved, from producers to distributors and retailers must pay special attention to preserve it. This joint work would be useless without the collaboration of the final consumer, last but not least element of the chain, which should also strive to protect it.

It is called “chain” because it is composed of different stages or links. If any of the points of the cold chain were to be compromised, all of them would be affected, damaging the quality and safety of the product. On the one hand, it facilitates the microbial development, both of altering microorganisms and pathogens that cause diseases, and the alteration of the food by degrading enzymatic reactions. There are two types of preservation through cold: refrigeration (short or medium term from days to weeks) and freezing (long term).

The cold chain is the system formed by each of the steps that constitute the refrigeration or freezing process necessary for perishable or frozen food to arrive safely to the consumer. It includes a whole set of elements and activities necessary to guarantee the quality and safety of a food, from its origin to its consumption. For this reason, keeping the temperature at optimum levels is of utmost importance so that the quality and safety of the product is not affected. see affected.

At Infraca we have more than 40 years of experience developing refrigeration and conservation doors, which, thanks to their composition of materials and their design, are highly capable of maintaining temperatures in cold rooms of up to -40 ° C. It should be mentioned that the Infraca doors are duly certified by the CE Marking and the ISO 9001 standard, which guarantee a world-class product.

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