“The loss of the optimum temperature of refrigeration or freezing in any of the stages impairs the safety and quality of the food” Maintaining the cold chain is essential when guaranteeing the food safety of food, so all the links involved, from producers to distributors and retailers must pay special attention to preserve it. This […]

20 January, 2019

The inflatable and retractable coats. Infractions are destined to the area of loading and unloading of the goods The rest of the industrial warehouse and to prevent the entry of smoke, the loss of temperature or the air currents that affect the products. They are ideal for high traffic, and are resistant to absorb the […]

19 January, 2019

High-speed stacking doors are the technical evolution of old and heavy doors, designed to close large spaces, now obsolete and not suitable for today’s industrial needs. Infraca stacking doors are safe and fast, able to withstand high winds and ensure safe opening and closing operations in large spaces. The packaging doors are the ideal solution […]

19 January, 2019

The wind resistance of the doors is determined by a test with the EN 12211 standard. This test submits the door to three pressure tests: One to see the deformation (P1), one of repeated pressure (positive and negative, P2) and another of safety (P3). During the application of these defined series of positive and negative […]

19 December, 2018

As for the cargo areas, these vary depending on the means of transport used: truck, rail, sea, transport The most used method is the truck. We find two types of loading areas. On the one hand, there are those integrated in the warehouse, which are those that imply that the handling of the goods has […]