27 julio, 2021
Today we talk with Daniele, our International Technical Manager. He’s going to tell us about the new design of the IF10VF6 Control Panel. What is the purpose of this control system? Some upgrades have been implemented in this control panel for different industrial doors, such as high-speed, sliding or sectional doors, in order to be [...]
23 abril, 2021
Temperature control device for freezer cold room doors heating elements   This innovative control system was born from the need to optimize energy savings in doors and cold storage. With the HTCP system, when the temperature of the door heating elements reaches an optimum temperature, the device detects it by deactivating the heating element and [...]
New design and new features   At Infraca we continue innovating.   Our technical team has developed a new design of the control panel for automatic industrial doors, which provides a series of added advantages that extend the useful life of the doors.   This new design is able to satisfy all the operating mode [...]
22 noviembre, 2019

The objective of the project has been the productive investment in machinery of automation of the process of manufacturing, refrigerated doors,

12 marzo, 2019

CE marking is the process by which the manufacturer / importer informs users and competent authorities that the equipment marketed complies with the mandatory legislation on essential requirements. When a product is covered by several Directives that provide for the placement of the “CE” marking, it will indicate that the product complies with the applicable […]