Service hinged door


Use Advantages

Single or double-leaf 40 mm (semi-insulated) pivoting door, mainly for use in corridors, offices and for the division of work or services areas.

Suitable for installation in commercial and industrial settings: supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotel and catering trade, logistic centers, industrial kitchens, clean rooms, laboratories.

For use in areas with positive temperatures.

There are two types of frame: one simple and light, the other industrial, more robust and resistant, enabling the manufacture of doors of any size for labour-intensive installations.

Stainless steel handles and hinges.

Wide range of applicable options: panic, door closers, peephole, lock with key, WC-type or electronic.

Technical features


Frame made of white lacquered white or anodized aluminium for installation in panels (casing included) or in construction work (solid wall).

Equipped with an oval EPDM draft seal to improve airtightness and to avoid noise and drafts.

Simple frame and casing mounting system to facilitate installation, adaptable to any thickness.

Floor-embedded frame by default (optional flush-fitting frame).


Stainless steel handles with double curve to avoid snagging and protective plate both to avoid wear to the door and provide a better aesthetic finish.

Easy-to-assemble handle and accessories.

Stainless steel hinges for durability.


40-45 kg/m3 injected polyurethane 40 mm thick compact leaf, supported by white lacquered or anodized (for leaves finished in grey or in stainless steel) aluminium structure.

Finishes: coloured strip, stainless steel, PVC and PE. Other finishes available upon request.


Double key.


Key and locking device.

Plexiglas peephole.

Panic bar.

Lock with the same key.

Door closers.

Possibility to adapt the frame to construction work (solid wall)

Optional flush-fitting frame.

Electric opening system activated by push button or code.

Electro- retention magnet system.

Guillotine draft seal to avoid drafts in the lower section.



Generic dimensions - Normal frame Generic dimensions - Industrial frame

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