29.08.12 | Safety light curtain in rapid roll-up doors


In line with continuous progress and their desire for product improvement, from the month of June, Infraca adopts a series of measures to ameliorate their rapid roll up doors.

These implements look to benefit not only Infraca clients (installers, distributors or sector professionals), but the final customer too. The most remarkable measure is the change in the roll up door safety system, replacing the light barrier and safety edge used until now, with a safety light curtain. The rapid roll up door has been tested with this new element and certified by an independent authorized body so as to maintain the CE marking and accomplish the safety norm UNE EN 13241-1. And most importantly, this new element will be fitted as standard to our rapid roll up doors, the additional cost will be absorbed by Infraca, and not passed on to our customers.

Safety light curtain installed as standard on rapid roll doors detect any object greater than 48 mm that interrupts the clear path of the door, causing the door to retract.

There are two formats available depending on the size of the door:

| For doors with a height of less than 2500 mm clear opening, a 2 meter high light curtain will be used. In this case, the area not covered by the light curtain will be signaled to the height of the door with a warning sticker.

| For doors where the height of the door exceeds 2500mm clear opening, a 2.5 meter light curtain will be used.



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