R & D & I

Our Research, Development & Innovation Department is dedicated to improve continually our production system and work with new processes and products to satisfy the progressive requirements of our customers and become a reference for excellence and innovation.

Proof of this is our exclusive frame in extruded aluminium and L form - easy to adapt and more resistant; also our industrial sliding door closing system IF in stainless steel and aluminium and other patented components.

In this way INFRACA clearly define a strategy of specialisation and adaptability; offering to our clients an exclusive and personalized product of high quality.

----------------------------------------------I+D MANAGEMENT SYSTEM-----------------------------------------------


INFRACA manage a system of management for strategic initiatives, which is being developed by INFRACA and has been valued very positively due to his innovative character, being awarded with a grant from the European Fund of Regional Development (FEDER).

By this way INFRACA reinforces his position as one of the most innovative companies of the sector innovative character, not only in products as you know, but also in new systems of management. This king of projects contributes to create positive synergies and obtain high levels of competitiveness.

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