Globales Unternehmen


Located in Valencia (SPAIN), INFRACA experienced during last years strong growth becoming the leader of the Spanish market for insulating doors. Today we are developing international markets and we work with more than 15 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

Our products are sold in the whole of Spain and we entered strongly on the nearby markets of Portugal and France where door to door service exists. Besides this, INFRACA products are sold in other European countries, especially in the United Kingdom, Greece, Netherland, Romania, Czech Republic…in all the countries of the North of Africa, some of South America and North America. Almost last year we began to sell in India, one of the most important markets in the world.

Our aim is to consolidate our position of leadership on the national market, to reinforce ourselves on the nearby markets, and to extend our presence in the rest of Europe, Africa, America and Asia.


- Spain
- Portugal
- France
- Andorra
- United Kingdom
- Belgium
- Holland
- Germany
- Czech Republic
- Greece
- Romania

- Algeria
- Angola NEW
- Egypt NEW
- Ethiopia NEW
- Morocco
- Mauritania
- Tunisia
- Senegal
- Ghana

- Cuba
- Mexico
- Dominican Republic
- Venezuela

- India
- Kazajistán

Polígono Industrial de la Estación, c\ Camí Travesser, s/n - 46560 Massalfassar (VALENCIA) SPAIN
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