Servicio logística

Servicio logística
Servicio logística


INFRACA's fleet of vans and trucks ensure optimum efficiency and security in delivering to our customers throughout Spain, Portugal and France, and of course, to other destinations by personal arrangement.


INFRACA’s efficiency and commitment with our clients are reflected in the reduced delivery time product that we have, between 10 and 15 days, even less in exceptional cases..


Our aim at INFRACA is to ensure the perfect delivery of the goods, designing for each of our products the most suitable packaging without any additional cost.

For example, our doors are protected by cardboard and the guides of the sliding doors are packed individually in a fi tted wad of hard cardboard.

In addition, for long distance transport or for clients who want a special protection, we offer the possibility of arranging special packaging in wood or with reinforced protection of cork for door leaves.

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